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When Brian S. Little designed his first aluminum poling skiff he had one main design feature he wanted to accomplish; No Hull Slap.  Creating a no-hull-slap aluminum hull is something that has never been done before.  Since hull slap is created by waves hitting objects at a less than desirable angle, the Sabine Versatile is designed and built to counter act the waves that cause hull slap.  The Sabine Versatile is designed to pole straight while letting the angler spin the boat when needed.  The shallow draft of the Sabine Versatile is created with the zero dead rise hull design, while the deck layout offers ample storage for six 9′-6″ fly rods, and walk-around gunnels you can actually walk on.

No-Hull-Slap Aluminum Design

The first no-hull-slap aluminum poling skiffs ever built.  Designed for the shallow water fisherman who demands their skiff to track straight, pole light, fish quiet and be a handle the elements.

Carbon 26.jpg
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